Barely two weeks after the grand entrance of Bongo baby No. 50, here now is No. 51!! He was born to “Wasi-wasi” which, loosely translated means crazy (as in nervous). That is indeed the reason why I don’t yet have a decent picture of the cute little baby antelope, I didn’t dare risk Wasi -wasi to disembowel me with her horns. Bongo, normally quite calm and shy can also be very dangerous. Wasi-wasi especially is quite capable to stand there like a tame animal one moment and attack the next if she were to perceive danger for her young. It is this quality that will ultimately insure their survival in the wild we hope.
In any case congratulations are due: Wasi-wasi presented us with a beautiful little male. Here’s your chance to name and adopt!! Just contact the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.
Meanwhile the new baby and mother have joined Hamsini and her mother in the suni sanctuary. We are sure the two little ones will become buddies for life, – a life that will eventually see them roaming free in the wilderness of Mount Kenya.